The Unbe-leaf-able East Coast Cannabis: A Beacon For Lebanon, ME

The town of Lebanon, ME is now home to a green phenomenon that would make even the staunchest broccoli hater jump with joy – the flourishing East Coast Cannabis. As the numero uno Cannabis dispensary, we pride ourselves on offering our ‘bud’ding clientele a wide variety of top-shelf goodies and services.

Ever felt like 4 PM on a dreary Wednesday needed a ‘pick-me-up’? We’ve got the ‘high’ road out of that slump. Looking for a unique aromatic blend to spice up your Saturday night? Checkmate.

What’s our secret? Combining years of expertise, high-grade products, and a sprinkle of TLC goes into everything we do. Our specter of excellent products will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store … only much cooler!

You are cordially (and enthusiastically) invited to visit us. Sustainability, premium quality, and a hearty laugh or two guaranteed. Grab your phone and dial our C to have your world turned upside down – in the most delightful way.

No need to trek up hills, Lebanon, because East Coast Cannabis has brought the ‘high’ to you!