A Day in the Life at The Cake House: Shaping the Future of Cannabis

Oh, the smell! If there’s one thing you won’t forget upon entering the headquarters of The Cake House, it’s the aroma. Freshly brewed coffee blending seamlessly with the hint of cannabis leaves. A unique concoction that might take some time to get used to, but once you do, it’s something to crave!

7:00 AM: Starting the Day Right

I arrive at work using my trusted bike, greeted by the warm smiles and welcoming faces of my colleagues. Stepping into the office, a customized work station awaits me – equipped with all the necessities needed for an efficient day of work.

The day-to-day tasks revolve around sourcing the finest quality cannabis, ensuring we stock only the most premium quality products for our customers. While this is a substantial part of our job, the team at The Cake House believes strongly in educating our customers about the products and its responsible usage. We spearhead workshops, handle customer inquiries, and continually update our blogs about the latest developments in the cannabis industry.

12:00 PM: Time for a Lunch Break

Our lunch breaks are invariably interesting. The Cake House has a firm belief in not just professional, but personal growth too. Our team lunches often see healthy debates or enlightening discussions on topics ranging from pop culture to sports to technology.

Following lunch, the afternoon often involves brainstorming sessions centered around innovative ideas to offer a better customer experience. Indeed, The Cake House doesn’t merely sell cannabis products. Instead, we aim to revolutionize the industry that breaks stereotypical notions.

5:00 PM: Wrapping up for the Day

The day concludes with an office-wide meeting to discuss the day’s highlights and the future course of action. We update each other on our work, share laughter, and sometimes even enjoy a pizza party! But when the time comes to leave, we make sure to clean our workspace before exiting the building.

Working at The Cake House is an enriching journey. More than selling cannabis, it’s about upholding a responsible attitude towards it. It’s about changing the perception of cannabis- not just as a product, but a tool for overall well-being.