A Day at Sweetleaves: Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Cannabis Dispensary

Morning Hustle

As the sun rises over St. Anthony, I unlock the doors of Sweetleaves, our local cannabis dispensary. The air is filled with anticipation as we prepare for another day of serving our community.

Opening Routine

  • Check inventory and restock shelves
  • Ensure all products are properly labeled
  • Clean display cases and organize merchandise
  • Brief team on daily specials and new arrivals

Midday Rush

The lunch hour brings a steady stream of customers eager to explore our wide selection of cannabis products. As a budtender, I’m constantly on my toes, answering questions and providing personalized recommendations.

Customer Interactions

From first-time users to seasoned connoisseurs, each visitor to Sweetleaves has unique needs. I pride myself on helping customers find the perfect strain or product to suit their preferences and desired effects.

Afternoon Lull

During quieter moments, I take the opportunity to educate myself on the latest industry trends and product innovations. Staying informed is crucial in this rapidly evolving field.

Evening Wind-Down

As the day comes to a close, we begin our closing procedures. This includes:

  • Reconciling sales and inventory
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Preparing for the next day’s operations

Before locking up, I take a moment to appreciate the role Sweetleaves plays in our community. It’s not just about selling cannabis; it’s about fostering understanding, promoting wellness, and creating a welcoming space for all.