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BlazeScape Update - 26/09/2020
BlazeScape Update 26th Sept 2020

In a few hours I'll be pushing the end of September update which brings in a lot of Quality of Life changes and bug fixes, as follows:

  • Ava's Accumulator/Attractor now picks up ammo
  • Fixed some client buttons on the quest tab being out of place
  • Pricing of some store items has been tweaked
  • Gargoyles have been added to slayer tower
  • Added more Lesser Demons to Tav Dungeon
  • Added Buy X and Sell X to stores
  • Drop Rate is now affected by difficulty with these values: 
                  Medium: +1% increase
                  Hard: +2% increase
                  Insane: +3% increase
  • Trivia has been revamped to be more based around RS
  • Some missing summoning items added to summoning shop

See you in game!

EDIT: This is now live!

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BlazeScape Update - 26/09/202000