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Latest Update

Dev Log 24-11-2020

- Home has been redecorated!
- Titans can no longer attack players outside of PvP zones
- Smilies are now enabled in the client
- Godwars has been moved to the dungeons tele
- Plane-Freezer has been added as another boss
- The "flowers" clue scroll has been changed
- New players now get prompted with a starter NPC that gives them a run down of how to start (make an alt and try it!)
- The well of goodwill is now the fountain of goodwill @ home


How is BlazeScape different?

BlazeScape is all about the community.
It is designed to bring back the relaxed nature that we all played with in 2007-2010. It's laid back, its fun and there's no toxicity.


How do I play?

Simply press the download button at the top of this page and you're away! No pre-registration needed.


What customs do you have?

We have customs such as the Scarlet Spirit Shield which has a special effect. The customs we have are designed to fit in to the game and not be out of place.


Do you have a social community?

Absolutely! You can register on the forums or join our Discord with the buttons at the top of the screen. The Discord is very active and teasers for upcoming content is posted there


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